Cupids Playground Hop Sign ups!!!

November 10, 2012 blog hops, giveaway 2

Cupids Playground Giveaway Hop is where you declare your undying LOVE (or LUST) to all of those HUNKS and HEROES from our books!

Since we are making up all of our own playgrounds from Cupid…tell us who you would love to have Cupids arrow hit for you!!

If there is a list of them and you want a harem that’s okay too. :-P Who would you pick and why? Do they have anything in common?

Here are the rules:

1. Posts must be up at midnight on February 13th. I will be double checking that everyone has their posts up. You can schedule the post so that way you don’t forget, if you don’t know how just let me know.
2. The blog hop button needs to be included on the post and preferable on your side bar too.
3. You can either link back to my site for the list of participants or add the Linky list to your post though (preferable).
4. Your giveaway can be anything book related (books, swag, gift cards, etc) or blog related (headers or button giveaway) for designers.
5. Everyone is responsible for their own individual giveaway. Please include whether your giveaway is US only or INT on the form. 

6. Rafflecopter is the preferred and easiest way to host your giveaways.
7. Giveaway should be easily accessible on your page once posted, either make the post sticky or add a widget that links to your giveaway.

8. Participants need to announce their winners by Friday February 22nd.

Come join us authors and bloggers alike in Cupids Playground Giveaway Hop!!

Please tell your friends to join in, I want this one to be really successful for everyone involved.